1.How do I know my size?

Refer to the sizing chart on our website for instructions on how to get your size OR you can purchase a sizing kit. The sizing kit is the recommended method to get the most accurate fit. Not every seller uses the same sizing chart. Make sure you measure your nails before placing your order to ensure perfect fit.

2.What if I purchased the wrong size?

Sizing kits are advised ahead of purchase. *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*

3.Are the nails reusable?

Yes! If you use the nail tabs you just remove the tabs. When using glue, a small nail drill is recommended to file away glue residue.

4.How long do the nails stay on?

It varies depending on nail prep (instructions included), how rough you are with your hands and the adhesive used. With nail tabs, you can wear them for a couple hours up to a couple days. With nail glue, you can wear them for about 1-2 weeks.

**They last as long as you take care of them**

Tip: When using nail glue, please refrain from washing your hands for a couple hours.

5. What comes with my set?

10 custom sized nails in a storage box, care instructions, cuticle pusher, alcohol pad, file, buffer & nail glue.

6. Do you do custom sets?

Not at this time.

7. How long is processing time?

It is currently 7-10 business days. This amount does not include shipping time.

**For custom size sets: processing time begins once measurements are received**

8. Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation can be requested within 24 hours of your purchase. After 24 hours ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds or exchanges due to the custom nature of the product.

Processing Time

Processing time is the amount of time it will take to make your nail set and does not include shipping time. It is currently 7-10 business days.

*For custom sizes: processing time begins once measurements are received and not when order is placed.

Once your order is shipped, it is out of our hands. We are not responsible for any misplaced packages by USPS.


**Please be patient as all sets are made to order**

Sizing kits are sent out as soon as possible & shipping depends on the shipping method chosen at checkout.

Most orders take 3-5 days. This is an ESTIMATE and does not GUARANTEE it will arrive in 3-5 days.

**Expect delays due to COVID-19**